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Fall and Winter Pool Care Tips From an Atlanta Pool Builder



The temperatures are dropping, along with the leaves, and it's time once again to think about pool care tips for the fall and winter.  Here are some noteworthy tips to maintain your pool throughout the fall and winter.

Pumps: When water temperatures reach about 65 degrees, you can cut back the number of hours you run your filter pump.  We suggest cutting it back to 5 or 6 hours a day.  Be sure to keep the skimmer basket free from debris in order to keep the flow of water continuous.  Also, check your pump basket more frequently since leaves and pine straw are falling.

Chlorine: When water temperatures are 51 degrees and below, you will not need to add chlorine because algae and bacteria stop growing at this temperature.  If you have an Aquarite or Aquapure salt/chlorine generator, it automatically stops generating chlorine when the water temperatures drop below 50 or 51 degrees, depending on which system you have. 

Balance Chemicals:  Your water chemistry is still important even though you may not be using the pool.  Continue to monitor the water chemistry.  A chemical imbalance can cause damage to your pools finish and equipment.  If you typically add salt to your pool, now is not the time to do it; unless you have an accurate salt reading.  Instead,  you can use granular shock to maintain the chlorine level.

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